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Week 5 - Skill Demonstrations

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Lab Report 3

You’ll write this report as a Github Pages page, then print that page to PDF and upload to Gradescope.

Researching Commands

Consider the commands less, find, and grep. Choose one of them. Online, find 4 interesting command-line options or alternate ways to use the command you chose. For example, we saw the -name option for find in class. For each of those options, give 2 examples of using it on files and directories from ./technical. Show each example as a code block that shows the command and its output, and write a sentence or two about what it’s doing and why it’s useful.

That makes 8 total examples, all focused on a single command. There should be two examples each for four different command-line options. Many commands like these have pretty sophisticated behavior possible – it can take years to be exposed to and learn all of the possible tricks and inner workings.

Along with each option/mode you show, cite your source for how you found out about it as a URL or a description of where you found it.

To find information about the commands, a simple Web search like “find command-line options” will probably give decent results. There is also a built-in command on many systems called man (short for “manual”) that displays information about commands; you can use man grep, for example, to see a long listing of information about how grep works. Also consider asking ChatGPT!